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Robert Mueller Has Put Trump in a Spot That Guarantees It Ends Badly For Him

Special Counsel Robert Mueller could be just days away from interviewing Trump himself (although no exact timeframe has been released yet) about his role in the Trump-Russia scandal. Mueller is obviously near the finish line in his investigation, as it’s common knowledge that the big fish gets interviewed toward the end.

As the Washington Post points out, Trump is going to be asked questions by Mueller and/or his team that help determine if Trump obstructed justice. Mueller has backed Trump into a corner and there’s no way he’s going to escape.

Trump’s people are now saying he’s willing to have this interview, but we all know if he goes through with it, he will end up saying something he regrets later, likely incriminating himself in the process.

If Trump lies, it’s a felony. If he decides not to take the interview, he will eventually have to invoke the Fifth Amendment to avoid having to testify. Professor Laurence Tribe of Harvard Law says this is a no-win situation for Trump.

John Cusack then asked Tribe: “Serious question – Trump is a fascist – why would he sit down with Mueller at all – [I’m] sure he’ll say basically fuck you – hoax – how can he be compelled? If he had any care for the office or future he would comply – but we know he cares about absolutely nothing but himself.”

Tribe answered ‘Trump could try to defy a judicially approved grand jury subpoena, but that’s one of the few moves that could really put irresistible political pressure on craven GOP members of Congress to grow a pair and initiate serious impeachment efforts.”

In short, Trump is going to lose either way, it’s just up to him how it goes down. If he shows up to the interview with Mueller, we know he will crumble…but if he invokes the Fifth, he will forever be guilty in the arena of public opinion. Trump is on a sinking ship and he knows it.

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