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Robert Mueller Has Rudy Giuliani Backed Into a Corner…and It’s Not Going to End Well

Rudy Giuliani has found yet another way to screw up Trump’s legal defense. He’s now claiming Robert Mueller told him directly that the investigation will be finished by September. The only catch is Trump has to testify. If that sounds off to you, that’s because it is. This is clearly not a real statement from Mueller, but it is a real case of Giuliani wrapping himself further into this tangled web of lies.

Mueller could stop all this nonsense by indicting Giuliani, but in all actuality Giuliani is just helping him in the process. Every time Giuliani opens his mouth he digs his hole even deeper for Trump and himself. Mueller could take Giuliani down anytime he wants thanks to Reza Zarrab, but he’s clearly just holding on to that to see how much damage Giuliani can do to himself.

Reza Zarrab is a Turkish criminal who disappeared in the middle of his trial, but no one seemed to care. Palmer Report reported that Mueller clearly pulled him to testify against Michael Flynn. They were on to something because it wasn’t long after that Zarrab and Flynn both cut plea deals. Naturally, Giuliani was in the mess as well.

We still don’t know precisely what Giuliani did to get himself tangled up with a crime ring in Turkey, but we do know that Giuliani was so desperate to keep it from coming out, he tried to insert himself into Zarrab’s defense. The judge wasn’t having any of it, and Rudy has been laying low ever since. Here’s thing: when you flip, you don’t just flip on one person. You have to rat out everyone involved. That means Zarrab has already long ago sold out Giuliani to Mueller. This may help explain why Rudy has so desperately inserted himself into Trump’s legal team. (Source: Bill Palmer)

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