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Opinion: Robert Mueller Just Played Trump Like a Fool…and Used Steve Bannon to Do It

Special Counsel Robert Mueller sent a grand jury subpoena to Steve Bannon last week and once the media found out about it, Mueller suddenly changed his mind. He’s now decided he doesn’t need Bannon to testify to a grand jury after all, but instead they’ve agreed to a one-on-one interview. This is a brilliant move by Mueller.

According to several sources, this will be a tell-all meeting and Bannon will fully cooperate with every question Mueller asks. The mess that was Bannon’s congressional testimony this week has worked brilliantly into Mueller’s plan and provided nothing to Trump and his team in terms of finding out what kind of damage Bannon can do.

If Bannon was planning to sing like a canary to Robert Mueller, it was imperative he kept his mouth shut at the House Intelligence Committee this week so that he would have something to offer Mueller.

Not to mention, one of Trump’s puppets, Devin Nunes, sits at the head of that committee, so Bannon’s hearing was really nothing more than a plan of sorts by Trump and his team to find out what Bannon might be about to tell Robert Mueller in their private meeting.

Finding out what Bannon knows and what he’s planning to give up to Mueller would allow the White House to get out in front of what’s coming, but Bannon provided absolutely nothing.

The oddity of Bannon’s attorney running things past the White House in real-time before Bannon would answer the questions is still a bit of a mystery, but it was clear that Trump was hoping Bannon would show his hand in the Trump-controlled arena, but instead he kept his mouth shut.

Trump has no clue what Bannon is willing to tell Mueller and gained no intel to strategize against the Bannon/Mueller meeting in advance.

Bill Palmer points out, “Mueller even went so far as to subpoena Bannon for a grand jury ahead of his House Intel appearance, and then leak word of the subpoena during that appearance, to help sell the whole thing. Now Mueller is already ripping up that subpoena, because it was never necessary. Mueller just used Bannon to play Trump for a fool, and now Bannon is about to give Mueller everything, while Trump remains in the dark.”

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