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Robert Mueller Just Totally Crushed Trump’s Vindication Claim After Russian Indictments

After Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced there would be thirteen indictments in the Trump-Russia scandal, Trump of course took to twitter to start his meltdowns, claiming “no collusion” and to try to make America believe he is completely innocent.. He argued that these indictments exonerated him but Mueller wasn’t having it and fired back almost immediately.

The indictments do say that Trump campaign did not knowingly collude with these Russians but it doesn’t say there was no collusion at all. Trump jumped on this one piece of information and tweeted:

Trump says: “Russia started their anti-US campaign in 2014, long before I announced that I would run for President. The results of the election were not impacted. The Trump campaign did nothing wrong – no collusion!’

Of course, we know Trump’s claim is far from the truth. Donald Trump Jr. was caught admitting in emails that he knowingly conspired with the Russians with actions that were meant to allow the Trump campaign to alter the outcome of the election. Why else would you want “dirt” on Hillary Clinton if you didn’t plan to use it to hurt her with it?

Mueller has not shared much publicly, but less than an hour after Trump tweeted his comment, Mueller made sure the media knew that an active investigation is still going on and he’s not done yet. If Trump broke laws by conspiring with the Russians and/or obstruction of justice in the aftermath, Mueller is going to nail him for it.

Bloomberg reported after Trump’s denial: “Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his prosecutors haven’t concluded their investigation into whether President Donald Trump or any of his associates helped Russia interfere in the 2016 election, according to a person with knowledge of the probe.”

The report went on to point out, “Friday’s indictment of a St. Petersburg-based “troll farm” and 13 Russian nationals should be seen as a limited slice of a comprehensive investigation, the person said. Mueller’s work is expected to continue for months and also includes examining potential obstruction of justice by Trump, said the person, who requested anonymity to discuss an investigation that is largely confidential.”

It’s notable that Mueller didn’t just allow Trump to tweet whatever he wanted without being called on it through the media. Mueller made sure he struck him down almost immediately and in a very public manner.

Buckle up, Trump. This is far from over.

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