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Robert Mueller Makes Genius Move That May Have Just Given Him Everything He Needs

For days, many have wondered why Robert Mueller chose to arrest Paul Manafort and his longtime business partner Rick Gates on the same day, but it appears we may now know why.

You see, Manafort is extremely wealthy, and therefore most likely to keep quiet and pony up with strong legal support. However, Gates has almost no money, and therefore more likely to tell all and flip on Manafort. With enough pressure on Gates, he could then dial up the pressure on Manafort and force him to flip on someone higher up the food chain, maybe even Donald Trump himself.

Well, as it turns out, Mueller may not even need Manafort to get to Trump.

Although Manafort seems to be the most logical option to take Trump down – considering their decades of shared financial history with the Russians, or the fact that Trump likely knew Manafort was conspiring with a Russian oligarch about political matters during the election –  he may not be needed after all, as Mueller may already have everything he needs.

According to the latest court filings, when their business went under, Manafort and Gates were so financially connected that they conspired to fraudulently take out loans on Manafort’s real estate properties just prior to the election. Therefore, logic suggests Gates likely had access to records of any financial dealings that overlapped between Manafort and Trump. And if that’s the case, Mueller may already have those documents in his possession.

But it gets worse: While Paul Manafort was serving as the Trump campaign chairman, Rick Gates was serving as a vice chairman. Therefore, if Donald Trump had knowledge of Manafort conspiring with the Russian oligarch, then Gates was probably aware that Trump knew. And if so, the investigation can be wrapped up in a bow sans Manafort, as Robert Mueller would already have everything he needs to take Trump down for his financial crimes and conspiracy against the United States.

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