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Robert Mueller Sure Does Look Like He’s Taking Down Mike Pence Too

For the last several weeks, it’s becoming more and more clear that the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller has popular vote loser Donald Trump as its main target, despite Trump claiming that’s not the case.

Something else that is becoming more and more clear is that Vice President Mike Pence is a fabricator of the truth who tried to cover up multiple things in the Trump-Russia scandal and will come crashing down alongside his boss.

For a while, we wondered if Mueller would take down Trump first and then go after Pence later, or if they’re a package deal. Now, Mueller seems to have given us the answer to that question himself.

Mike Pence handlers are in panic mode, preparing him for what they believe is an inevitable interview with Robert Mueller, which was revealed in a new CNN report:

Pence — who was in charge of Trump’s transition — knew Flynn had contacted Russia, but was left unaware of the sanctions discussion, according to transition officials. It’s led to anxiety within Pence’s circle that he’ll eventually be called to sit for an interview with Mueller.

“They are preparing for that,” a person in Pence’s orbit said, a sentiment echoed by another source close to the Vice President: “Chairing the transition would make it possible regardless of who it was.”

Of course, the spokespeople for Pence claim that is not the case, which they have to claim. They can’t allow Mueller to know just how freaked out everyone is.

Robert Mueller now has Michael Flynn on his side by way of a plea deal, which likely gives Mueller more than enough evidence to incriminate Pence. One thing’s for certain: If Mueller sits down with Mike Pence while his Trump investigation is still on-going, he’s clearly trying to nail Pence. So where does this go?

Palmer Report explains:

Flynn is admitting that he was notifying the Trump transition team in real time about his efforts to get the Russian Ambassador to delay the Russian government’s sanctions response. Mike Pence was the head of the transition team. So unless the entire team conspired to keep this information from Pence, which is not a believable scenario, Pence knew that Flynn was committing crimes. That means Pence lied a month later when he claimed he had no knowledge of Flynn doing anything wrong.

Someone on the transition team will cut a deal and confirm that Mike Pence knew what Michael Flynn was up to. Throw in the fact that Congress notified Pence about some of Flynn’s crimes back in November of 2016, and Pence is hosed. Is Robert Mueller seeking to force Pence to cut a deal against Trump and resign the vice presidency? Only Mueller knows – but it’s clear Pence knows he’s in jeopardy.

Real justice won’t be served until Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and everyone associated with the miserable nightmare of a Presidential administration are behind bars.

We’re counting on you, Mr. Mueller.

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