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Robert Mueller Unleashes More Charges in Investigation, Court Documents Show

Paul Manafort, former campaign chair and advisor to popular vote loser Donald Trump, has already been indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. According to new reports, he’s about to be looking at more charges coming down very soon.

The new document filed in federal court in Washington is said to possibly be a “superseding indictment”, which means Mueller would be adding new charges or new defendants to the charges filed months ago back in October 2017, pertaining to money laundering and failure to register as foreign agents by Manafort and Gates.

The new charges were not indicated in the court’s online docket, but a public, paper docket book from the clerk’s office at U.S. District Court in Washington showed an entry for sealed charges filed recently under the the same docket number for the Manafort-Gates case.

Politico reports, Last week, prosecutors told the court they’d received new evidence that Manafort took part in “a series of bank frauds and bank fraud conspiracies” in connection with a loan he sought in 2016. Mueller’s team said Manafort obtained the loan using “doctored profit and loss statements” that overstated “by millions of dollars” the income of his consulting business.

The bank fraud allegations were disclosed in a bail-related court filing made public on Friday that did not contain any indication of what action, if any, Mueller’s team planned to take over the alleged fraud.

But Trump hires only the best people, right?

Just look at all those great hires – all those firings, resignations, indictments, plea bargains, corruption, ineptitude.  It’s really unprecedented how terrible at politics Trump and all his associates really are.

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