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Roger Stone is already rolling over on Trump to Robert Mueller

Whenever Donald Trump’s buddies get indicted and arrested he freaks out and throws them under the bus in an effort to make himself look less guilty. As if on cue, he’s now done the same thing to his longtime friend and business partner Roger Stone. Trump tweeted that Stone had nothing to do with his 2016 campaign, but Stone is already contradicting that and it’s just the beginning.

Roger Stone was arrested on seven felony charges as a part of the Trump-Russia election investigation. Stone was instructed to illegally conspire with the foreign entity WikiLeaks by the upper levels of the Trump campaign team. Stone knew the arrest was coming and he had already publicly vowed to fight Mueller. However, he is already walking back that promise as things are quickly progressing.

On ABC This Week, Stone, who is out on bail, claimed that he was not aware of any wrongdoing in the Trump campaign, but he said he will testify honestly about everything he did see. Stone said that he’s willing to testify about “any communications with the President. It’s true that we spoke on the phone, but those communications are political in nature.”

The fact that Stone is already willing to discuss private conversations with Mueller shows just how loyal he is to Trump…not very, clearly. Stone could lie to Mueller, but if he’s trying to save himself he probably knows better than to try that. If history has taught us anything, it’s that Trump’s friends are the least loyal people on the planet and the second he gets the chance, Stone will most likely sell Trump down the river.

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