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Rosenstein Just Played Trump Like a Fool on His “Demand” to Investigate DOJ

Yesterday, it was very apparent the mainstream media outlets were set out to do their best in order to twist and misrepresent the storyline that surfaced between Rob Rosenstein and Donald Trump. However, once you scratch beneath that surface a bit, it seems there isn’t nearly as much substance to it as we’ve been led to believe. That said, let’s start scratching, shall we?

First, it’s important to understand that the growth of this news stemmed from Trump’s demand that Rosenstein investigate how the DOJ and the FBI were investigating the Trump campaign. Had Rosenstein refused, it would have inevitably prompted Trump to cut ties with him and find a replacement who was willing to play pretend and announce that the Trump campaign has somehow been victimized in the investigation. So instead of refusing, Rosenstein complied with Trump’s demand, indicating he’ll investigate the investigation.

Ok, so here comes the kicker. Although, most media outlets would have you believe that this means Rosenstein caved, that isn’t the case here at all. I mean, considering there was no wrongdoing on the part of the DOJ or the FBI, and that his investigation will surely prove as much, why wouldn’t he go along?

Nevertheless, Trump’ deranged brain somehow believes Rosentein’s compliance suggests he’s won and that this new “investigation” is going to reveal that his predecessor, President Obama, somehow colluded with Russians. However, the irony in this flawed way of thinking is pretty thick, because what Trump doesn’t realize is that Rosenstein is the actual victor here.

In case you haven’t noticed, this is textbook behavior on Rosenstein’s part. For the past year, he’s routinely allowed Trump to think he’s won, so that Trump would ease up, thus allowing the investigation into his crimes to proceed with little to no interruption. If you were duped by Trump and the mainstream media outlets, thinking Trump has somehow gained the upper hand here, then I pity you. And here’s why: Trump gained absolutely NOTHING in this.

Why? Because Rod Rosenstein isn’t going to discover and announce that Obama and the FBI were being unfair to Trump. Because Rosenstein isn’t going to allow Trump access to the evidence against him, even though some pundits appear to be claiming such a thing. Because in the end, no matter how much he and the mainstream outlets push this narrative, it’s all going to blow up in his face anyway.

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