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Rudy Giuliani Gets Caught in a Massive Lie About Robert Mueller

Rudy Giuliani, somehow the newest member of popular vote loser Donald Trump’s legal team, just keeps on lying and (amazingly) embarrassing the President and his administration.

Over the weekend, Giuliani dropped a bombshell about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia/Trump probe, and for some reason, the media just acted like it was true and he knew what he was talking about.

It wasn’t, and he didn’t. Giuliani claimed that Mueller had told him that the probe would be wrapped up by September 1. Wait. What?

There’s no way that Mueller could know the exact date. And there’s even level chance he’d tell Rudolph freaking Giuliani about it if he did.

Reuters is reporting that a source familiar with the investigation declared that Guilianis’ assertion that the probe would end on Sept. 1 was “entirely made-up” and just “another apparent effort to pressure the special counsel to hasten the end of his work.”

The New York Times quoted Giuliani as saying that Mueller had said the investigation would wrap up by September 1st, 2018.

“He’ll wrap it up when he thinks he’s turned over every rock, and when that is will depend on how cooperative witnesses, persons of interest and maybe even some targets are, if any of those emerge, and on what new evidence he finds, not on some arbitrary, first-of-the-month deadline one of the president’s attorneys cooks up,” said the source, a U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Just like his high profile client, it’d probably be wise to not believe a single word this man utters.

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