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Rudy Giuliani just made Robert Mueller’s job much easier against Trump…then panics, and tries to deny it

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Southern District of New York have been methodically revealing one crime after another, all with Donald Trump’s name somehow attached to them.

That in itself is bad enough in the court of public opinion, but then Rudy Guiliani made matters even worse for Trump when he opened his mouth and seemingly acknowledged the crimes while attempting to diminish them.

Seriously, here’s what Rudy Giuliani told the Daily Beast about the two current Trump felony counts:

“Nobody got killed, nobody got robbed… This was not a big crime,” he said. “I think in two weeks they’ll start with parking tickets that haven’t been paid,” he added.

(Daily Beast reports: “In a subsequent phone call after this story was first published, Giuliani said he meant it was “not a big crime” from the viewpoint of prosecutors. The Trump attorney stressed that it is his position that “no crime was committed whatsoever” when it came to the campaign-finance charges.”)

Whether right, wrong, or indifferent, by saying that the crime was not that big, he perhaps inadvertently implied that they were in fact crimes. However, what Guiliani probably doesn’t realize here is that this is exactly what Mueller was waiting for, which could spell disaster for Trump.

In other words, Robert Mueller will soon be able to begin revealing additional (and much bigger) Donald Trump felonies like Trump-Russia election collusion, witness tampering, money laundering, obstruction of justice, conspiracy against the United States…you name it.

Poor Rudy. His tongue and loose lips just can’t seem to get out of his own way. He seems to realize this too, as he attempted to claim on Twitter that he never said such a thing.

But the truth of the matter is…he did. And Mueller knows he did, which is about to make things far more interesting in the investigation. Stay tuned.

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