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Rudy Giuliani Screws Up Again: Says “I can’t tell you that” When Asked Simple Question About Trump/Cohen

The last few days have been a whirlwind for Donald Trump. From his ridiculous meeting with North Korea to Cohen’s impending plea deal, it’s been a rough one for the President. Now, Rudy Giuliani is once again running his mouth and only hurting Trump even further.

Rudy Giuliani seems to be working hard to help Mueller close his case once and for all, as he wouldn’t deny that Trump was in on Michael Cohen’s Russia scheme.

Throughout the election, Michael Cohen coordinated with the Kremlin to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. The project didn’t go through, but it’s being alleged that the failed real estate venture was somehow tied to the Russian election scandal.

Giuliani appeared on Fox News earlier this week and was asked whether or not Trump gave Cohen the go ahead for the Trump Tower project during the election. Giuliani should have said “no” to save his boss, but instead he said “I can’t tell you.”

Hold on a second!?? He could have said “no”, avoided the question or answered “no comment”. Instead he said “I can’t tell you.” This may have been the worst move he’s made yet. He knows the answer and he know’s he can’t be honest about it.

INGRAHAM: When you talked to Cohen back a year ago or so, I don’t know if you saw that he was going to try and get the Trump Tower Moscow done. Look at all these business interests all over the country. He dropped the stuff when he ran for President. And he wanted to get that done and reportedly he had written a note to Putin saying, “this is a log jam here, what’s going to happen?” It didn’t go anywhere but that’s all he’s listed on one or two or three Russian contacts that Cohen made. Are you aware of this, have you been discussing this with the (Woolertons)?

GIULIANI: We’re aware of it and we think it has no connection.

INGRAHAM: Was it greenlighted by candidate Trump?

GIULIANI: I can’t tell you that, that would be confidence. But the reality is, it wouldn’t matter. Nothing came of it, there was no quit pro-quo for it. In essence if the President had colluded, which he didn’t, President will tell you for the two years up to the election, “I didn’t talk to any Russians, I don’t know any Russians”.

It’s evident that Giuliani isn’t really concerned with proving Trump’s innocence. It’s like he knows exactly what’s coming, so he’s helping Mueller get there quicker. Trump is either too ignorant or too oblivious to see just how much damage Giuliani is doing to him. We will know when he realizes it though, because inevitably he will take that rant straight to Twitter.

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