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Rudy Giuliani screws up again, Unwittingly revealing laughable legal defense for Trump

Rudy Giuliani just can’t help himself. He just keeps throwing his own client under the bus nearly every time he opens his mouth, yet Trump continues to allow him to speak in public on his behalf. Giuliani usually gives everyone an accidental heads up about what Trump’s legal defense is going to do next, and he’s already working on doing that very thing this week.

This week, Giuliani went on ABC and was asked if Roger Stone told Trump in advance about the WikiLeaks plot against Clinton and the Democratic Party. Giuliani initially said “no”, but later changed his answer to, “I don’t believe so… If Roger Stone gave anybody a heads up about WikiLeaks leaks, it’s not a crime.”, Giuliani said.

That’s an interesting tactic, saying that, ‘oh well, if that did happen, it’s not a crime.’ Considering WikiLeaks was working with Russia to rig the election and Stone was their key communication channel, this was most definitely a crime.

Giuliani just laid the foundation for a future defense for Trump. If it does get confirmed that Trump was told by Roger Stone in advance, Trump’s legal defense will be “it wasn’t illegal”. If that wasn’t going to be the play by Trump in the future, why would Giuliani not just say “no” and leave it at that? You know why. It’s not hard to piece it together.

We already know that WikiLeaks was conspiring with Russia during the election, and we already know that Roger Stone communicated with the Russian hackers who stole the emails that were given to WikiLeaks. Now, Giuliani is saying it’s not illegal even if Stone gave Trump a heads up about the hacked emails.

This is just another piece of confirmation that Trump is going to play the “it’s not a crime” card when it alls comes out. However, conspiring with another country to rig the United States Presidential election is absolutely a crime, and everyone knows it. Nice try, but this defense will not save Trump the way his legal defense seems to think.

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