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Rudy Giuliani Suspiciously Reappears After Months, Revealing He’s Scared and Warns Trump

Rudy Giuliani used to be obsessed with the anti-Hillary faction of the FBI, particularly with the Albany, NY office. He was all over television networks virtually bragging about how agents were going to sabotage the election against Hillary Clinton. Then he began avoiding the limelight all together, but fast forward a few months and now he’s resurfacing, acting very strange.

Giuliani went on to provide legal representation to Turkish citizen, Reza Zarrab who was awaiting trial in the United States in an international corruption case. While representing Zarrab, Giuliani went nuts with his legal efforts in an attempt to sabotage the trial, and as a result, found himself in trouble with the judge. Since then, he has seemingly disappeared.

Now, Giuliani has suddenly reappeared via the Washington Post to warn Trump and the Republican Party that they “must be careful” when messing with the FBI. He insisted that the FBI rigged the election for Clinton, so Trump needs to watch out.

Former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, a Trump ally and onetime prosecutor who is close to some FBI officials, said his party “must be careful.”

“Republicans could be clearer, whether these issues turn out to be legitimate or not, that their focus is on the leadership at the time of the FBI — not the agents,” Giuliani said. “There are tremendous worries about conduct that deserve attention, but make sure to stay on that.”

Giuliani also suggests the FBI somehow was biased in Hillary Clinton’s favor, which is outrageous given the fact that Giuliani plotted with a faction of the FBI (the Albany office) to illegally rig the election in Trump’s favor.

Giuliani says, “I still don’t know how the hell she got away with it. She was treated extraordinarily by Jim Comey and the FBI. At least, that was my impression.”

So, Giuliani is back in the media, but why now? Just so he can complain about the FBI, but also warn his co-conspirators about them? Has the FBI gotten to him? It’s a good bet that Zarrab didn’t just flip on his Turkish co-conspirators, but also on Giuliani.

What we are seeing is a broken man trying to save his own tail. It’s possible he’s already cut a deal in an effort to save his own skin. It’s evident that he has zero loyalty and will do whatever he can to save himself.

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