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Rudy Giuliani Throws Trump Under The Bus Again with Another Admission

Popular vote loser Donald Trump is not a very good person and an even more terrible President. That’s pretty common knowledge.  So it would make sense that his legal team is full of terrible people and terrible lawyers.  Trump only hires the most incompetent people for everything.

Enter one Rudolph Giuliani.  The former New York City Mayor joined Trump’s legal team a couple of weeks ago, and let’s just say things have not gone well for him.

Rudy Giuliani kicked off last week with making things much worse for Trump by appearing on Fox News and talking about the Stormy Daniels scandal, admitting Michael Cohen had in fact been reimbursed for the $130,000 he paid out in hush money. The payoff is being called by many a felony violation of federal election law, which, if true, means Trump was part of it.

Donald Trump eventually realized what he had done by allowing Giuliani to appear of Fox News to blab about what has actually taken place with the payoff, so both Trump and Giuliani tried to walk it back, namely with Trump melting down on Twitter in a multi-part post that he clearly didn’t write himself.

Then Rudy decided to make things worse on Sunday morning, saying that there could be be even more payoffs to more women.

This all unfolded just a couple of days after we all learned that Michael Cohen took out a home equity line totaling $774,000, which was at the time Trump was trying to wrap up the Republican nomination. of the $777,000, only $130,000 was given to Stormy Daniels, leaving many to wonder what the rest of the money went for, with many suggesting perhaps it could have been paid to other women to keep them quiet during the election. Now, Giuliani is suggesting that could very well be the case.

Bill Palmer has an interesting thought: “Rudy Giuliani is a former prosecutor. He knows how the law works. He knows how criminal defense works. And he knows that this is not how any of it works. So is he purposely trying to sabotage Donald Trump, or is he just plain bonkers? Either way, the real question may be why Trump keeps letting Rudy destroy him like this.”

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