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Rudy Giuliani Unwittingly Reveals He Thinks Mueller Has Trump on The Hook Personally

When we saw that Fox News was going to have Trump’s newest attorney Rudy Giuliani back on, we knew it would be good and he did not disappoint. Giuliani just can’t stop confessing to Trump’s actions and Fox News eats it up.

This time around, Rudy Giuliani gave away something even bigger and you know he’s going to deeply regret it.

Giuliani has only been on the job for about three weeks, but he’s already calling for a dismissal in the case against Trump in the Southern District of New York, but here’s the thing…there’s not even a “case” to dismiss at this point.

Bill Palmer noticed it and had this to say: “Giuliani used his appearance on Fox News tonight, his third of the week, to call for the dismissal of the case against Donald Trump in the Southern District of New York. Here’s the thing: there is no case, at least not officially. The SDNY has confirmed that the criminal case in question is officially targeted at Trump’s fixer Michael Cohen. There has been nothing to officially indicate that Trump is also a target of the SDNY criminal case. Yet Rudy just called for the case against Trump to be dismissed.”

It’s mind boggling that this is the man representing the current President of the United States, but nothing should be surprising with this administration.

Keep in mind that Giuliani is a former prosecutor, so the guy knows how these things work even though it seems like he’s just spouting gibberish everytime Fox News gives him a chance to appear on their shows.

You can’t help but wonder if Giuliani’s little slip ups are telling us more than he intends to. He almost certainly has connections in the SDNY and it’s very possible that he knows the true target in the criminal case and it’s not Cohen.

If that wasn’t enough, he brought up the Supreme Court by referencing Robert Mueller’s investigation, saying that he believes the Supreme Court will step in on Trump’s behalf.

However, Giuliani just revealed something without even realizing it: The only way the Supreme Court would need to step in is if Mueller made a move that has no legal precedent, like indicting and/or charging a sitting president. So, Giuliani just suggested he thinks Mueller is going to drop the hammer on Trump in the Russia investigation.

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