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Russia Scandal Takes Unexpected Turn with Bribes and Sex Workers

There have been multiple stories, just this week (and it’s only Tuesday), about how much was going on behind the scenes to steal the 2016 Presidential election from Hillary Clinton and put popular vote loser Donald Trump in the White house. So, here’s another one.

Executives at Cambridge Analytica, a data firm that likes to take credit (blame?) for Trump’s victory in 2016, say they regularly used bribes of money and sexual favors from Ukrainian prostitutes to get what they wanted from politicians.

“Oh, that’s only heresay,” you say? Nope. They’re on tape admitting it.

Yes, footage from the Channel 4 News report includes Cambridge Analytica senior executives telling all, admitting to less than honorable tactics they’ve used in order to win elections:

Cambridge Analytica is the data company that credits itself with Donald Trump’s presidential victory, according to Senior executives. Executives from the company have been caught on an undercover camera saying they could entrap politicians in compromising situations with bribes and Ukrainian sex workers.

Based on the breaking report, the company’s chief executive Alexander Nix said his firm secretly campaigns in elections all across the globe, which includes “operating through a web of shadowy front companies, or by using sub-contractors.”

In one exchange, when asked about digging up material on political opponents, Mr Nix said they could “send some girls around to the candidate’s house”, adding that Ukrainian girls “are very beautiful, I find that works very well”.

In another he said: “We’ll offer a large amount of money to the candidate, to finance his campaign in exchange for land for instance, we’ll have the whole thing recorded, we’ll blank out the face of our guy and we post it on the Internet.”

Now that this news is out there, on tape, in its own admission, Cambridge Analytica can’t exactly deny it. Additionally, it is huge and problematic for the company for a number of reasons, but it’s perhaps most problematic for Donald Trump.  If the company has resorted to using these kinds of shady tactics in other elections, then I’d dare say there’s a pretty solid chance it would have done the same for Trump and his 2016 campaign.

Even if you don’t, I hope Special Counsel Robert Mueller does. Especially considering how he has handled the Trump-Russia scandal to date. I can see it now. First, he’ll start with the company’s lower level employees, or possibly even the sex workers, in exchange for plea deals against the company’s leaders. Then, in convincing fashion, he’ll use them against Donald Trump and his campaign.

Oh…and it gets worse:

This is far from the only shady business Cambridge is guilty of.

One Mr. Robert Mueller may want to start looking into this firm a little more closely, and soon.

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