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Russian-American who attended 2016 Trump Tower meeting with the lawyer promising dirt on Hillary Clinton received Money from “a veteran Republican operator with ties to the Trump campaign”

The now infamous Trump Tower meeting from the summer of 2016 is continuing to be breaking news because new revelations about the shady, corrupt and almost certainly illegal business that went down there are coming out all the time.

The newest revelation about the meeting is that a Russian-American lobbyist in attendance received half a million dollars from “a veteran Republican operator with ties to the Trump campaign.”

Here are more details from the Buzzfeed piece:

“Documents reviewed by BuzzFeed News show that Rinat Akhmetshin, a Soviet military officer turned Washington lobbyist, deposited large, round-number amounts of cash in the months preceding and following the meeting, where a Russian lawyer offered senior Trump campaign officials dirt on Hillary Clinton.”

“The lobbyist also received a large payment that bank investigators deemed suspicious from Denis Katsyv, whose company Prevezon Holdings was accused by the US Justice Department of laundering the proceeds of a $230 million Russian tax fraud.”

After the accusations that another attendee of the meeting, Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, coordinated with the Russian government, it was revealed that she also defended Katsyv in a money laundering case at the same time.

The list of those with shady Russia ties to Trump, his family, his administration, and his campaign is growing fast.  Robert Mueller has to know much more than we do, meaning his case against Trump and co. must be getting close to airtight.

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