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Russia’s State TV Brags on Air That They Own Donald Trump, He’s “Ours Again”

Popular vote loser Donald Trump, the President of “law and order”,  is once again blatantly disregarding the law and the constitution, as he decided not to enforce sanctions against Russia that a bipartisan congress put into law last year.

Russia is thrilled with their puppet American president, too. Russian state TV is celebrating that “Trump is ours again” after the announcement. But the whole Russia thing is “fake news,” right?

It seems very unlikely now that there is any scenario whatsoever where the President of the United States is not actively doing things with the US government that assists Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

Julia Davis, the creator of Russian Media Monitor where she watches Russian media and reports back what they are saying about Trump and America. After all, most Americans don’t speak Russian, so she is a very valuable resource:

Julia Davis reported via Twitter that Russian state media is celebrating Trump’s refusal to implement more Russian sanctions:

“Seemingly, Trump is ours again. So far, he’s being quiet and not supporting the sanctions,” said one host.

“Well, it seems that way,” reported the other host.

Well done, Trumpsters and Republicans in Congress. You’re doing a fine job of making Russia great again. You elected a man who puts the interests of a hostile foreign power over the needs of the country he was charged with leading. Well done, indeed.

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