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Sarah Sanders Berates Staffers Because The Truth Got Out to Public

This White House is probably without question the most dysfunctional and inept group of people ever assembled in American government. Anyone who argues to the contrary is without question a Trump fan who doesn’t need facts or reality to support the guy.

Further illustration of that is the leaking in the White House. A large percentage of what goes on in the White House gets leaked to the press, infuriating popular vote loser Donald Trump and his staff.

Particularly grumpy about all the leaking lately is Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who told staffers Friday that an aide’s recent comment about Sen. John McCain was inappropriate, but that it shouldn’t have been leaked to the media:

Sanders told staffers in a private meeting that it was inappropriate for aide Kelly Sadler to dismiss McCain’s opinion during a recent closed-door meeting because, Sadler said, “he’s dying anyway.”

Sanders said the leak was selfish and distracted from the president’s agenda and his welcoming home of three Americans detained in North Korea and an upcoming summit with Kim Jong Un.

That’s according to a person familiar with the meeting who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe that private meeting.

Sanders declined to condemn Sadler’s comments Friday, saying she wouldn’t “validate a leak” from an internal staff meeting.”

CNN also confirms, “White House press secretary Sarah Sanders privately berated the White House communications and press staff Friday after a leak the previous day of comments by aide Kelly Sadler about Sen. John McCain, according to several sources familiar with the meeting.”

Wrap you mind around that for a moment, folks.

Sanders, who was recently very upset and joined the uproar when a comedian took some jabs at her at the White House Correspondents’ dinner (NOT about her looks – but about the FACT that she lies constantly for a living), is not the least bit upset by one of her coworkers saying something so terrible about an American war hero, POW, and man who dedicated his life to public service.  No, not all. She’s upset that we found out about it

Scott Dworkin puts it perfectly:

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