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Sarah Sanders: Trump Never Pressured McCabe…Here’s a List That Proves Her Wrong

In order to protect a historically unpopular president, for reasons only they must understand, Republican lawmakers have decided that they must attack, undermine and more-or-less declare war on the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Normally, it would be a minor story for the Deputy Director of the FBI to step down a few months before his scheduled retirement, but in the case of Andrew McCabe, it’s pretty big news. Why? Because he did so after mounting pressure and attacks from the Trump administration, amid claims of bias against Trump.

Sarah Sanders has denied any pressure from Trump:

However, Trump has been attacking McCabe on Twitter for months:

On top of that smear campaign from the popular vote loser himself, one of Trump’s chief allies in Congress, Rep. Devin Nunes, has been pushing to release a memo he wrote based on classified information that supposedly shows the FBI in negative, biased light, although many others who have seen the memo claim it’s full of false information.

According to the New York Times:

The memo’s primary contention is that F.B.I. and Justice Department officials failed to adequately explain to an intelligence court judge in initially seeking a warrant for surveillance of Mr. [Carter] Page that they were relying in part on research by an investigator, Christopher Steele, that had been financed by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton‘s campaign.

(It should be noted that the Times is failing to mention that it was a conservative news site that picked up and published the Steele dossier before the DNC ever saw it.)

Despite the fact that this could indeed be as simple as the new FBI director wanting a new deputy and having nothing to do with the Nunes memo and not at all a repeat of Trump’s forcing out James Comey, Trumpsters are framing it as bad news for the Democrats and the anti-Trump movement.

In reality, it just may be another bump in the road on the journey to obstruction of justice. If Robert Mueller can hold on long enough to put the pieces together, he may be able to prove that Trump, Nunes, et al, pushed McCabe out for getting too close in the Russia probe. And that would be very bad news for Trump and through the transitive property, very good news for America.

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