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Sean Hannity and Trump Get Caught in Their BIGGEST Lie Yet…It’s Sickening!

The year is 1991. The (first) Gulf War is in full swing. Some troops returning home are stuck in mindless delays and can’t get home to see their families after months away.  In steps billionaire real estate tycoon Donald Trump, who sends his private jet down to take the troops home.

It’s such a nice story.  What a guy!  We’re so glad Sean Hannity shared this story so we all now know how patriotic Donald Trump is.

Except for one thing: It’s complete and total BS.

One clever Washington Post reader became suspicious of Hannity’s account of this story.  Turns out, it was not Trump’s private jet, proven by photographic evidence, but rather was a jet from Trump’s commercial airline that he couldn’t pay for and leased to the government to transport military personnel.

The Washington Post’s “Pinocchio Test” (used to determine how un-truthful a story is) gave Hannity’s story the maximum 4 Pinocchios (read: liar liar pants on fire), stating that “Despite the rumors on base, it’s clear that Trump had nothing to do with the dispatch of the jet to the troops stranded at Camp Lejeune. The aircraft that ferried the troops was part of the Trump Shuttle fleet, at a time when Trump barely had control over the airline and was frantically trying to negotiate deals with bankers to prevent the collapse of his business empire. Trump Shuttle had a contract with the military, and this flight home was part of that contract. Simple as that.  Sean Hannity needs to prominently correct this article. The Trump campaign, meanwhile, earns Four Pinocchios for confirming a story that is easily debunked.”

Fact-check much, Hannity?

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