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Senate Republicans Just Hung Trump Out to Dry in Mueller’s Investigation

Two Republican-controlled Senate Committees released some interesting intel about Trump’s Russia scandal on the same day. The Senate Intel Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee have both thrown Trump under the bus over the whole thing. This is a huge deal.

The Senate Judiciary Committee released a transcript of the testimony from Trump Jr. trying to protect his father and doing a horrible job of it. It went so horribly that Trump Jr. is being blasted for committing perjury in the process. The testimony only makes him and his father look even more guilty, so the decision to make it public is a direct move against Trump. Senate Republicans didn’t have to release it, at least not without a fight. That was just the warm up act.

The Senate Intelligence Committee announced on the same day that Russia did in fact interfere in the election with intent to help Donald Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton. This is not news, but the fact the Senate Republicans are publicly admitting it is huge. This comes on the heels of their announcement that Russian hackers got into the voter registrations databases and were in position to alter the election by preventing certain people from voting.

The timing of these announcements is telling. The fact that key Republican Senate leaders are revealing strong evidence against Trump seems to signal they are no longer blindly defending and enabling him along the way. Do they know something is about to go down?

Whatever the case, they are clearly trying to distance themselves from him before the other shoe drops. So what’s coming? When can we expect it? We aren’t sure, but we expect it to be big.

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