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Six People Sam Nunberg is Protecting That Everyone Missed in His Meltdown Interviews

As you’ve heard by now, Sam Nunberg, a former top campaign aide to popular vote loser Donald Trump, says he will defy a subpoena from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, risking incarceration.

However, there Seth Abramson points out what everyone seems to be missing:

2/ The three men who Sam Nunberg has been *most* upset about disclosing his email contacts with are:

  • Stone
  • Bannon
  • The President of the United States

He’s ignoring Schiller altogether, and says Page was “colluding”—so he has no interest in protecting him. Cohen? Not sure.

These people sure behave like innocent people, don’t they?

3/ Adjusting my list based on Nunberg calling Schiller a friend and saying he never spoke to Page. Nunberg is protecting/withholding potentially dangerous info from/about one or more of these men:

  • Himself
  • Stone
  • Bannon
  • Schiller
  • Cohen
  • The President of the United States

4/ Nunberg told Ari Melber that he thinks Mueller wants to charge Stone with Perjury based upon the questions Mueller asked him. So my statement to this effect several days ago, here on Twitter, was accurate, according to someone who has spoken directly with Bob Mueller.

5/ Sam Nunberg tells MSNBC he will not appear in federal court on Friday as required (in addition to refusing to turn over documents) which means federal marshals will likely take him into custody at some point on Friday or Saturday.

6/ Nunberg also confirms that he is currently in defiance of the Mueller subpoena, as he had a 3PM deadline to turn over his emails to Mueller. So Mueller could move to have Nunberg held in Contempt (but not, as to just the email production, taken into custody) *prior* to Friday.

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