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States make major move that gets America closer to never having a republican president ever again

In a moment of clarity, popular vote loser Donald Trump made some real sense with a comment he made.  Trump suggested that the United States should elect their president by the popular vote, doing away with the electoral college.

Of course, Trump is too ignorant, too forgetful, too inept, or all three (who really knows), to realize that if we used the popular vote to determine the president, he’d be on the talk show circuit right now and I’d be writing about President Hillary Clinton.

I know you’re not surprised by Trump’s ignorance, but you might be surprised to learn that we’re actually not that far away from doing away with the electoral college anyway, and with another state headed that way, we’re getting closer all the time:

“The Connecticut state Senate on Saturday voted in favor of a measure to give the state’s electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote.”

“The move puts the state in a position to become the 11th, in addition to Washington, D.C., to join an interstate compact to pool their Electoral College votes for the candidate who wins the popular vote.”

Seth Abramson tweets what this all really means:

BREAKING: We’re now less than 100 electoral votes from a national popular vote. States with 172 electoral votes are committed to a national popular vote, and as soon as that number reaches 270 we’ll get one. It’ll be hard to imagine a Republican ever winning the presidency again.

2/ In the last 25 years, Dems have won every popular vote except 2004—and Republicans winning in 2004 required Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State deliberately creating 9-hour voting lines in majority-minority Ohio precincts so that George W. Bush could win Ohio by 50,000 votes.

So, if we do away with the electoral college, short of cheating, which they already do without reservation, Republicans will have a hard time getting their candidates elected to the White House.

That’s the clearest path to making America great again at the moment – put Democrats in office.

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