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Suspicious Activity Surrounding The Firing of Rex Tillerson Now Discovered

Although the writing has been on the wall for quite some time, on Tuesday, Donald Trump made the official, awkward announcement. Apparently, Rex Tillerson has been ousted from his post as Secretary of State, and his replacement has been named.

He has such a way with his words, doesn’t he? Oh, and it gets better.  According to a New York Times report, this tweet is how Tillerson became aware of his firing:

Mr. Tillerson learned he had been fired on Tuesday morning when a top aide showed him a tweet from Mr. Trump announcing the change, according to a senior State Department official. But he had gotten an oblique warning of what was coming the previous Friday from the White House chief of staff, John F. Kelly, who called to tell him to cut short a trip to Africa and advised him “you may get a tweet.”

Rex Tillerson said Trump called him from Air Force One – 3 hours after tweeting the news of his firing to his 49 million followers – to let him know he was fired.

While this news isn’t all that surprising, one can’t help but wonder why it was delivered in the abrupt manner which it was.

Considering Rex Tillerson, former CEO of ExxonMobil, is a longtime close business associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the timing of his firing seems awfully convenient, don’t you think? Especially since Tillerson took a surprising stance against Russia regarding the recent poisoning of a Russian spy in the UK, which Putin is believed to have had a hand in. So of course, less than twenty-four hours after taking said stance, Tillerson gets fired. Did you get that? Not a year ago when he called Trump a “f—ing moron,” but less than a day after  his anti-Russia remarks! Hmmm.

Nevertheless, as indicated in the New York Times piece, rumors from the White House suggest Trump and his team told Tillerson on Friday that he would be fired. However, when State Department official Steve Goldstein publicly disputed this timeline, it got confusing and…stranger. In his dispute, Goldstein asserted that Tillerson was caught off guard by the tweet, and guess what happened as a result? Goldstein was also fired. 

You be the judge, but it sure looks like Tillerson was fired for his anti-Russia remarks, then Goldstein was also fired for defying the White House and revealing the truth about what really happened. Make of that what you will, but it certainly adds a whole new level of suspicion into play.

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