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The Big Story Isn’t Ty Cobb Quitting, It’s What it Means For Mueller’s Investigation

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but as of yesterday morning, it looks as if another member of Donald Trump’s legal defense team in the Trump-Russia scandal has resigned. Unfortunately for Trump, this time around it was Ty Cobb, who just may have been the most competent lawyer remaining on his team.

Per CNN: A source familiar with Cobb’s departure said the former federal prosecutor, who joined Trump’s legal team in July 2017, had been clashing with the President in recent weeks over Trump’s combative posture with the special counsel’s investigation. Trump has intensified his public attacks on Robert Mueller’s probe in recent weeks, and on Wednesday, suggested that questions by Mueller’s team about whether he obstructed justice amount to a “setup & trap.”

Two sources told CNN that Cobb was uncomfortable with Trump’s tweets against Mueller, with one source describing a “rancid” atmosphere between Mueller and the White House.

Nevertheless, it’s out with Cobb, and in with…Emmet Flood, the impeachment lawyer who represented former President Bill Clinton in the late 1990s.

This is an interesting move on a number of fronts, especially considering Flood’s name surfaced in last month’s legal defense team carousel, only for him to turn Trump down. However, the most interesting aspect of the move is this: Considering Ty Cobb was on the White House payroll, technically, he was never actually representing Trump personally, which means attorney-client privilege does not exist.

It also means that Cobb is now legally compelled to tell Special Counsel Robert Mueller of the conversations he had with Trump. And since Trump is known to run his mouth, one can only imagine the number of things he may have confessed in Cobb’s presence. This surely doesn’t bode well for him.

It’s very interesting that Ty Cobb quit almost immediately after questions Robert Mueller has for Trump leaked to the media. Did Ty Cobb see the list of questions and instantly decide to run for the hills because he knows he’s likely going to be a witness questioned by Robert Mueller? It’s highly possible.

Needless to say, based on the above as well as Flood’s résumé, Trump more than likely needs his representation now more than ever before.

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