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The Kennedys Break Silence on Trump with THIS SCATHING Open Letter…It’s Epic!

The nephew and sister of President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy, assassinated in 1963 and 1968, respectively, have penned an open letter condemning Donald Trump for his recent remarks about gun violence that many believe were a less than subtle attempt to incite violence against his political adversary Hillary Clinton.

No strangers to political assassinations, William Kennedy Smith and Jean Kennedy Smith, co-authored the heartfelt plea to resist the kind of violence they believe Donald Trump stands for and encourages.

After evoking a speech from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Kennedy’s say that “Today, almost 50 years later, words still matter. They shape who we are as a people and who we wish to be as a nation. In the white-hot cauldron of a presidential campaign, it is still the words delivered extemporaneously, off the cuff, in the raw pressure of the moment that matter most. They say most directly what is in a candidate’s heart. So it was with a real sense of sadness and revulsion that we listened to Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, as he referred to the options available to ‘second amendment people,’ a remark widely, and we believe correctly, interpreted as a thinly veiled reference or “joke” about the possibility of political assassination.”

The letter ends with “The truth remains that words do matter, especially when it comes to presidential candidates. On that basis alone, Donald Trump is not qualified to be president of the United States.”

Hard to argue with people that have seen their politician brothers and uncles taken from them by gun violence.  It’s not a joking matter, no matter how much Trump tries to play it off as such.

You can read the Kennedy’s entire letter to the Washington Post HERE:

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