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The Raid No One Knew About…What’s Trump Hiding?

Since he eats a steady diet of Big Macs, KFC, taco bowls from Trump Tower and a variety of other junk food, combined with his idiotic belief that exercise is unhealthy (yes, he literally believes that…look it up), popular vote loser Donald Trump is likely not a healthy individual.

Many are wondering about Trump’s health again after reports that his goons raided the office of his former doctor, Harold Bornstein, and took Trump’s medical records from him.

So what’s he hiding about his health?

Dr. Bornstein tells NBC News that within weeks of Trump taking office, Keith Schiller (Trump’s bodyguard) and another person showed up to his medical office and seized Trump’s medical records.

This creates several problems for Trump. Of course, Trump has a legal right to get his medical records from his doctor, but there’s a procedure that is in place to follow to do so, and that procedures is not to send your bodyguards to raid the doctor’s office and take them.

If Dr. Bornstein wanted to push the issue, he could likely nail Trump and/or his bodyguards with breaking several laws. Trump clearly abused his power as president with this raid, which is an impeachable offense I might add, but that’s beside the point for now.

The real question everyone wants an answer to is, what is so sensitive in his medical records that he wanted his bodyguards to bust into the office take them so that they would never get leaked to the public?

Logically speaking, if Trump’s health was as squeaky clean and perfect as as Dr. Bornstein said during the Trump campaign, Trump would either a) not cared the his records were sitting in the doctor’s office, or b) would have followed the procedure that normal people follow when obtaining medical records.

It’s not a stretch to say that Donald Trump’s medical records must contain secrets he doesn’t wanted anyone to know. All we know for sure is that whatever it is, Trump was willing to abuse his power as president to make sure it stays out of public view.

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