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There’s a Trump Tape Coming,”The Right People Have Everything”, Says Witness

Actor Tom Arnold has said repeatedly that video evidence exists of President Trump saying horribly racists things. Now that Trump’s presidency is spiraling out of control, now would be the worst time for the tapes to surface.

When Arnold first made this assertion no one had access to the videos, because they were locked up by ‘The Apprentice’, then people eventually forgot about them. Now, Tom Arnold is implying the tapes have surfaced.

Arnold took to Twitter to communicate with those interested. When one fan tweeted, “You do realize it’s the perfect time for the Trump apprentice rants to be ‘stolen’ and leaked, right? Do it sir!” Arnold replied “The right people have everything. I’m ‘too emotional’ to handle things correctly.”

Then when another person suggested “Many have access to the Trump tapes. Access to b-roll isn’t the problem, it’s (1) tons of security cameras, (2) no way to not be caught.” Arnold said,  “Dudes already bragged about walking in on naked teens (Miss Universe WME owns tape) it’s just ‘locker room talk’ compared to what’s coming.”

It makes perfect sense as to why Donald Trump has escalated his war against the media to new levels by threatening to get NBC taken off the air. Whether or not he can actually have the FCC take NBC off of American televisions is an open question.

Wonder why he went  after NBC specifically all of the sudden? He, of course, hates most of the major news outlets, except for the actual fake news outlets like Fox and Brietbart. But why NBC?

Isn’t it ironic that on the very same day we learned about this, suddenly Trump decided to publicly threaten to take NBC off the air? Seems all too fishy.

Trump appears to be worried that his horrible past will be revealed by NBC.  So, what better idea than to get them taken off the air. This isn’t going to end well, is it?

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