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Top Trump Officials “Resigning For Ties to Russia and/or For Corruption”, Reports Say

Recently, a consortium of journalists released a series of reports called The Paradise Papers, which provide evidence that several high profile Trump administration officials have ties to the Kremlin.

Several of the officials are fairly high profile names, and sources suggest that it wouldn’t be a surprise if as many as six of them resigned in the coming weeks.

The Paradise Papers exposes secret financial ties to Russia by Trump’s Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, his Ambassador to Russia Jon Hunstman, and several other in the administration, which was purposely hidden from the public, until now.

On the heels of the Paradise Papers release, there is now information leaking that suggests Ross and Huntsman may resign, along with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.

Scott Dworkin in a political insider and a regular guest on MSNBC. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’ve received reports today saying DeVos, Huntsman, Ross, Sessions, Tillerson & Zinke are resigning for ties to Russia &/or for corruption.”

Dworkin isn’t the only one reporting this information. Salon is also reporting that Betsy DeVos is expected to resign due to her failing efforts in her role, but not related to the papers specifically.

Bill Palmer points out:

Jeff Sessions has been caught telling several lies about the campaign’s involvement with Russia. Ryan Zinke is caught up in the chartered flight scandal which has already led to the resignation of HHS Secretary Tom Price. Rex Tillerson has long been rumored to be on his way out, both due to his frustration on the job, and his “moron” debacle with Donald Trump. If any one of these six resignations takes place, in the context of how weak and scandalized Trump already is, it could be a bodyblow to him. If several resignations do indeed take place, it could be the ballgame.

Even though Trump last claimed that he is “the only one that matters” in response to questions about filling his cabinet, it’s hard to see how his presidency can survive this kind of high profile and frequent turnover in key positions, especially when it’s due to corruption and collusion ties.

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