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Trump Adviser Slips and Outs Trump in White House Domestic Violence Scandal

Out of the ugly Rob Porter domestic violence scandal and cover up, some questions pertaining to the President’s knowledge have surfaced. Did Donald Trump know about it? If so, when did he know about it?

Well, thanks to the loose lips of one of Trump’s own advisers, we have at least one of those answers, as those lips have admitted that Trump did in fact know about the accusations against Porter after all.

In an appearance on CBS News, Trump adviser Mick Mulvaney attempted to explain away the Porter scandal, but he slipped when he said, “The president had someone working for him who came to him and said, ‘Look, I’ve been accused of this, I’ve been falsely accused of this. Please don’t believe it. It’s not true.’”

He then went on, trying to claim that Trump didn’t know about the photos of Porter’s ex-wife’s battered face until later, but the damage was already done by that point. Mulvaney just admitted that Trump knew about the domestic abuse prior to it going public, which was not the story that Trump or his handlers has told up to this point.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that, regardless of when the above occurred, it had already been established that John Kelly and Don McGahn were aware for several months that Porter’s ex-wives had come forward with their allegations of domestic abuse, yet Porter was retained on staff anyway, and the two never said anything about it. Then, just as the scandal was about to become public knowledge, Kelly and company devised a coverup strategy, which included claiming that Corey Lewandowski had made up false allegations against Porter.

Now, call it speculation if you’d like, but based on the above, one can certainly argue that Trump must have known about the allegations against Porter before the story became public, even if Trump’s own position has been that he didn’t know any of what was going on. If Trump knew about the allegations, was he also aware of the attempted coverup? Did he have any involvement in it? Trump now has his own scandal to deal with surrounding this mess.

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