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Trump Aides and Staffers Discovered Deleting Records That Could Be Incriminating

Robert Mueller is getting to the bottom of things in the Trump-Russia scandal. Trump’s aides are falling under pressure from the investigation and if any of them fails to keep track of emails, messages, or other records, they could face criminal charges right along with their boss.

With auto-delete apps, it’s easier than ever for these aides to delete things as soon as they are received. Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer allegedly reprimanded his staff for using these apps as early as February 2017. The staffers reasoning is to protect from leaks, but now they could be deleting information pertinent to the ongoing investigation.

Any staffer with these apps currently installed will be investigated more thoroughly. Why do they have them if they have nothing to hide?

The Washington Post reported that the Senate Intelligence Committee has already asked for some of Trump’s documents, including emails and phone records going back to 2015. If White House staffers and officials can’t produce these items, they could face charges.

Campaigns, and those working for them, are not held to the same standards as officials when it comes to record keeping. With most campaign trail emails only kept for up to 90 days, it is no surprise that the Trump campaign is saying these things are conveniently unavailable.

The staff have already been warned about deleting sensitive material and the Senate Judiciary Committee has already publicly demanded that proper steps be put in place to ensure the safety of important documents.

Even former Trump aides are being called into the investigation. Naturally they are doing their best to skate around anything that resembles being helpful. One aide’s attorney said he would give over “all documents that were consistent with their respective specific requests.” Basically, if they don’t ask specifically for one document, they may not get it.

Michael Caputo, a political consultant who also worked with Trump, said “I knew nothing of this matter, I had no discussions of this matter when I served the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump, nor did I send or receive emails about this topic.” Convenient huh?

Trump’s key staff people are refusing to cooperate, deleting evidence and withholding important documents why wouldn’t that translate to even the lowliest of staffers?

Fortunately, these staffers probably aren’t as sophisticated as the FBI and with some proper investigation these encrypted and deleted emails and documents can be just as quickly uncovered.

Nixon’s attempts to keep things private were eventually a failure and despite the improvements in technology, Trump’s attempts will result in the same thing. His staffers better not be tricked into thinking they are above the law, because they will go down with Trump and it won’t be pretty.

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