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Trump and Multiple Officials Just Got Hit with 13 Subpoenas, Elijah Cummings Leads Charge

The Devin Nunes memo has been the focus of the Trump-Russia scandal for days, which has caused the media to miss out on some of the biggest moves in the investigation yet. It looks like more than a dozen new subpoenas are on their way in the investigation as Mueller closes in.

Elijah Cummings, the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, asked Chairman Trey Gowdy to sign 13 separate subpoenas. Most of them are easily predicted like Kushner, Flynn, Brad Parscale, Deutsche Bank, and many others. Cummings sent this request the same day that the Nunes memo was released as he clearly sensed a good time where he could fly under the radar with this move and jumped on it.

You can see the documents below:

The committee is going to vote on these subpoenas, which means Gowdy allowed it. If Gowdy was going to block them, he could have just prevented a vote altogether. Gowdy is preparing for his exit from Congress and he appears to be applauding Robert Mueller on his way out. He’s suddenly being very cautious, but actually working with Cummings on the Trump-Russia scandal. This shows a bipartisan approach from the committee that we haven’t seen until now.

Up until now, Trey Gowdy has refused to allow the committee to investigate Trump properly, but as Mueller continues to move in on Trump, Cummings is clearly leading the charge from their end to expose this scandal for what it is. Trump is about to be destroyed in the court of public opinion, if he wasn’t already.

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