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Trump Associate Just Outed Him in Scandal in a Public Interview

Yesterday, former Donald Trump adviser Sam Nunberg received on-air time with media giants MSNBC and CNN, and needless to say, he made the most of that time.

While one on-air meltdown is enough for most, Nunberg upped the ante and had two. And in the midst of those revealing meltdowns, he practically admitted that Donald Trump, Roger Stone, and Steve Bannon are all guilty in the Russia scandal, but apparently he’d rather go to prison than cooperate with Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation and turn over evidence against them.

Yes, although Mueller has issued a subpoena demanding that Nunberg turn over all evidence of communications he had with the likes of Trump, Stone, Bannon and others, Nunberg claims he will not abide.

“Screw that,” Nunberg told CNN’s Gloria Borger. “Why do I have to go? Why? For what?”

“They ask me to go to the grand jury after I sat there for close to five and a half hours, Gloria, I’m not going back in,” he said.

Of course, refusing to cooperate is an imprisonable offense, so despite Nunberg’s best efforts here, Mueller will most likely arrest him in due time if he doesn’t have a change of heart.

Additionally, when asked on-air whether he thinks Donald Trump is guilty in the Trump-Russia scandal, Nunberg said “I think he may have done something during the election.”

“They know something on him,” Nunberg said. “… Perhaps I’m wrong, but he did something.”

While Nunberg doesn’t seem to be particularly fond of Trump, in regards to Roger Stone specifically, Nunberg said, “I’m not going to cooperate when they want me to come into a grand jury for them to insinuate that Roger Stone was colluding with Julian Assange. Roger is my mentor. Roger is like family.”

When on air with Katy Tur, Nunberg brashly (and perhaps ignorantly) asked her what she thinks will happen to him as a result of his refusal to comply with the grand jury subpoena. She, of course, responded by telling him he would be held in contempt of court. And for whatever reason, Nunberg was neither convinced nor ares. This was further evidenced later in the day when he spoke with Josh Dawsey of the Washington Post.

Regardless, after much reflecting, I’m not sure what Nunberg was hoping to accomplish in all of this. But one thing is for certain: He certainly stirred the pot and likely generated more trouble for an already troubled Trump.

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