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Trump Caught on Video PRAISING Hillary Clinton for President…He Wants This Gone!

For someone who has spent the last several months calling Hillary Clinton “crooked” (one of the more polite things he’s said about her), Donald Trump seems like a guy who used to really like Hillary Clinton.

In an exchange from 2008 just recently uncovered, Donald Trump seemed to throw his support behind then-Senator Hillary Clinton’s bid for the Democratic nomination, calling her “fantastic.”

In the span of a few minutes, within in the same interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Trump also lauded 2008 Presidential Primary candidates Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney. ““Well, I support Hillary,” said Trump. “I think she’s fantastic. I supported Rudy. I think Romney is doing a very good job. I mean, there’s — every one of them, they are very…” Seems like Trump was just as confused in 2008 as he is now.

Watch what Trump said below…

Trump of course has a long history of calling Hillary Clinton a friend and even said in a 2008 blog post that he thought Clinton would make a “great president.”

Trump and his campaign have written this past praise off as Trump’s business acumen, stating that he needed to maintain a good relationship with politicians of both parties. The candidate Donald Trump clearly doesn’t seem to care as much about those relationships as the businessman Donald Trump did.

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