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Trump Caught Saying It’s The President’s Job to Prevent a Shutdown

Donald Trump has a long history of blasting President Barack Obama, blaming him for virtually anything he could think of during his presidency, but it now appears that a tweet Trump sent out in 2013 has come back to bite him, as well as other comments relating to a government shutdown.

Donald Trump published a tweet saying: “Whatever happens, you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen, you’re responsible.”

Of course, Trump has no idea he’d become president just 3 years later and would be facing his own government shutdown.

Back in In 2011, Republicans were once again ready to shut down the government. Trump had a sit down with NBC’s Meredith Vieira and blasted President Brack Obama:

VIEIRA: So if there were a partial shutdown of the government come Friday, that would be OK with you.

TRUMP: In my opinion – you know, I hear the Democrats are going to be blamed and the Republicans are going to be blamed. I actually think the president would be blamed. If there is a shutdown, and it’s not going to be a horrible shutdown because, as you know, things will sort of keep going…. If there is a shutdown I think it would be a tremendously negative mark on the president of the United States. He’s the one that has to get people together.

Trump went on to say,

“I’m a deal man”…”I’ve made hundreds and hundreds of deals and transactions. He [Obama] never did deals before. How can you expect a man that’s not a deal man that never did a deal, other than frankly becoming president of the United States, he never did a deal, how’s he going to corral all these people to get them to do a deal?”

Trump said he would prevent a shutdown, if he were president by:

I would get everybody together and we’d have a budget and it would get done.” Reminded that the relevant officials had already gotten together, he added, “[T]hey don’t have the right leader. You don’t have the right leader.”

By this reasoning, the fact that the government shutdown is apparently proof that we don’t currently have the right leader.

In September 2013, Trump declared,

“Problems start from the top and they have to get solved from the top and the president’s the leader. And he’s got to get everybody in a room and he’s got to lead. [Obama] doesn’t do that. He doesn’t like doing that. It’s not his strength. And that’s why you have this terrible situation…. It’s very embarrassing worldwide.”

He also said that no one cares who has what power in Congress, because “when they talk about the government shutdown, they’re going to be talking about the president of the United States, who the president was at that time.”

Just a week later, Trump said he’d avoid a shutdown like this: Trump said,

“Well, very simply, you have to get everybody in a room. You have to be a leader. The president has to lead…. Unfortunately, [Obama] has never been a dealmaker. That wasn’t his expertise before he went into politics. And it’s obviously not his expertise now.”

So, clearly, by Trump’s own admission, he’s failing as president.

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