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Trump Enters Total Paranoid Panic, Considers Launching Most Disturbing Tactic in Presidential History, According to Reports

Popular vote loser Donald Trump’s utter contempt for his perceived enemies in the US intelligence agencies may be about to hit an all-time low. News rumors are swirling around that the White House is considering creating its own intelligence agency that would answer to Trump and not the American people or congress.

Several officials familiar with the situation say the White House is considering proposals developed by retired CIA officer and Blackwater founder Erik Prince, -with assistance from Oliver North, a key figure in the Iran-Contra scandal — to provide CIA Director Mike Pompeo and Trump’s White House with a private spy network that would circumvent official U.S. intelligence agencies.

What could go wrong?

The Intercept points out, “The creation of such a program raises the possibility that the effort would be used to create an intelligence apparatus to justify the Trump administration’s political agenda.”

“Pompeo can’t trust the CIA bureaucracy, so we need to create this thing that reports just directly to him,” said a former senior U.S. intelligence official with firsthand knowledge of the proposals, in describing White House discussions. “It is a direct-action arm, totally off the books,” this person said, meaning the intelligence collected would not be shared with the rest of the CIA or the larger intelligence community. “The whole point is this is supposed to report to the president and Pompeo directly.”

Some of the individuals involved with the proposals secretly met with major Trump donors asking them to help finance operations before any official contracts were signed.

The proposals would utilize an army of spies with no official cover in several countries deemed “denied areas” for current American intelligence personnel, including North Korea and Iran. The White House has also considered creating a new global rendition unit meant to capture terrorist suspects around the world, as well as a propaganda campaign in the Middle East and Europe to combat Islamic extremism and Iran.

A White House official denied that any such proposals have been run by the White House, claiming that would never consider such a proposal, but a high-ranking intelligence official contradicted that, claiming they were run by the White House before they went to the CIA.

Nothing about this says “tyranny” at all, does it?

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