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Trump Explodes Into Another Profanity-laced Public Tantrum After Adviser Gives Him Up

Trump’s handlers have clearly left him all alone in the White House because his behavior is getting more ridiculous by the minute.

Now that his top advisers are dropping like flies, Trump seems to be lashing out more than ever with no one to stop him. He spoke at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania for some desperate Republican special election candidate, and it went epically wrong.

A White House employee tweeted “Epic” on Trump’s Twitter while he was speaking and then deleted it within seconds. That one word tweet was better than anything Trump said all day and it didn’t even last long enough to be helpful, not that it would have been.

Trump said Congresswoman Maxine Waters has a low IQ, which was clearly out of anger due to her calling for his impeachment, but the IQ attack was weird even for him in that setting. Trump was hoping his racist base would have his back as he attacked a black woman.

Things got weirder when Trump started going off about Chuck Todd calling him a “sleeping son of a bitch”. That escalated rather quickly. But why Todd?

Former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg appeared on Chuck Todd’s MSNBC show earlier this week and gave a horrible interview. He basically said he thinks Trump is guilty in the Russian scandal. Naturally, Trump is blaming Todd for the horrible mess he’s created for himself. Trump’s only going to spiral more out of control as the weeks progress and without his babysitters, things are about to get really weird.

Legendary NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw responded by saying: “Really classy. Explain that to your children.”

Chuck Todd also responded directly tweeted this in response: “Don’t miss Meet The Press tomorrow! I know folks may be tired in the morning due to springing forward, so set those clocks and DVRs now before your eyes get too sleepy.”

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