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Trump Gets Blasted For “Witness tampering/intimidation…More Trump Obstruction”

If you can keep up with the growing list of crimes and corruption of popular vote loser Donald Trump, we have another item for you to add: witness tampering.

Piling on to his own possible, even likely, charges of obstruction of justice, it looks like Trump is very likely guilty of interfering with the case by asking key witnesses about their interviews with Robert Mueller, which can be easily construed as tampering and/or witness intimidation.

Scott Dworkin points out: :”Trump asked at least two witnesses to describe their interviews with Mueller in great detail. That’s witness tampering/intimidation. More Trump obstruction. Trump’s the target of the investigation in question, so him meeting with any witness about the probe is outrageous. RESIGN!”

Axios describes why this matters:

Trump reportedly told White House counsel Don McGahn to publicly deny reports saying he was told by the president to fire Mueller. Per the NYT, McGahn reminded Trump that he had in fact asked him to get rid of Mueller, but Trump said “he did not remember” their discussion in that manner.

**In December, Trump asked former chief of staff Reince Priebus about his October meeting with Mueller’s office. Per the Times, Priebus told him “the investigators were courteous and professional” but “shared no specifics and did not say what he had told investigators.”

**This isn’t illegal, the NYT reports, but “is usually done through lawyers for the people involved.”

**Why it matters: Per the Times, this demonstrates that Trump has “ignored his lawyers’ advice to avoid doing anything publicly or privately” that would look like interference with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. But, legal experts tell the Times the conversations “likely did not rise to the level of witness tampering.”

The report also points out that Rob Porter, who recently stepped down as White House Staff Secretary, told McGahn that Trump had “suggested he might ‘get rid of'” him if he didn’t deny Trump asked him to fire Mueller.

We would add a “yet” to the it’s “not illegal” line above.  If Mueller and his investigators determine that it was tampering or intimidation, it can very much be added to the charges they are inevitably going to be bringing against him.

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