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Trump Gets Hammered After Rally: “Trump should be charged & forced to resign”

On Monday night, Donald Trump held a campaign rally in El Paso, Texas, wherein he lied about having a crowd of 35,000 show up and fill an arena that holds 6,500. Young Democratic hopeful Beto O`Rourke held a rally across the street and drew more than double that number, which surely irritated the baby in chief.

But the real news from the evening is that a MAGA hat wearing idiot at Trump`s rally attacked a BBC cameraman while yelling Fu** the media!

Trump proceeded with his speech while the assailant was taken away. Trump’s audience responded with “CNN sucks!” chants that eventually turned into a “Trump! Trump! Trump! chant”

BBC reported , the assailant “shoved and swore at the BBC’s Ron Skeans and other news crews before being pulled away.” Skeans described a “very hard shove” coming from behind him.

Scott Dworkin, far from the only one who feels this way, holds Trump himself responsible for the attack,because of his relentless verbal attacks on the media as the enemy of the people:

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