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Trump Gets Hit with Lawsuit By Dem: “I won’t stand by while this president makes a mockery of our Constitution”

Donald Trump is no stranger to lawsuits.  He gets sued as regularly as he eats a burnt steak with ketchup.  But being sued for blatantly violating constitutional clauses is new to him since he became President.  And it’s absolutely happening:

Rep. Barbara Lee says: “President Trump has violated the emoluments clause with impunity. That stops today. I’m suing Donald Trump in Blumenthal et al v. Trump – because I won’t stand by while this president makes a mockery of our Constitution. #NoOneAboveTheLaw”

Brianne Gorod, the chief counsel of the Constitution Accountability Center who is representing nearly 200 Congressional Democrats in the lawsuit, says that the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the Constitution is rendered meaningless if they aren’t allowed to sue Trump for violating it. “There’s simply nothing Congress can do to stop the president’s actions, no matter who’s in control of the body,” she said.

The lawsuit is seeking an injunction that would persuade Trump to comply with the Foreign Emoluments Clause. The clause makes it a requirement for federal officials to get congressional consent before they accept gifts or rewards from foreign governments or officials. This is something that Donald Trump has never done, as Trump’s lawyer claim that it doesn’t apply to his business holdings.

These congresspeople indeed have to be allowed to prove that no one is above the law in suing Trump.  Otherwise, the constitution is basically meaningless as Congress allows the President to desecrate it so thoroughly.

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