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Trump Insiders Are Handing Things to Robert Mueller Left and Right

Up to this point, I believe it’s safe to say Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal has been going full steam ahead, and it certainly hasn’t disappointed. With each passing day, it seems we are learning of one surprise angle after the next, and he appears to be closely guarding each piece of evidence collected along the way.

Based on the latest news, that trend is continuing. On Friday of last week, the Washington Post reported that Robert Mueller has obtained a secret personal letter that Donald Trump wrote to Vladimir Putin in 2013, inviting him to the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant:

“Trump’s letter to Putin, which was described by people with knowledge of its contents, shows how interested he was in attracting the personal attention of the Russian president. The real estate magnate, who owned the Miss Universe pageant, wrote the note at a time when he was looking to expand his brand to Russia.

The letter, the first known attempt at direct outreach by Trump to Putin, has been turned over to investigators probing Russia’s interference in the 2016 campaign. It is unclear whether Trump’s missive was ever delivered to the Russian president — and if so, whether Putin responded.”

Of course, earlier in the week, we had learned from MSNBC via political strategest Mike Murphy that Mueller has obtained a copy of an election memorandum of understanding between Donald Trump and Russia. Between that and this personal letter, I think it’s fair to assume Mueller likely has his hands on all kinds of other documents and evidence.

So how exactly is Mueller discovering the existence of these letters and documents? More than likely, he has pinned a few things on some people within Trump’s inner circle, and naturally they’ve been handing the evidence over in order to save a little face in the Trump-Russia scandal. That’s just speculation, but it’s a logical assumption.

And thanks to a thing known as logical deduction, we can speculate as to who those people are. Considering the recent guilty plea by Trump deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates, it’s reasonable to assume he handed over the memorandum of understanding. But as for the new secret personal letter, it isn’t as clear-cut just yet. Could it have been Rhona Graff, Keith Schiller, or perhaps Sam Nunberg who, conveniently enough, spilled his guts to a Robert Mueller grand jury? I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see, but it’s certainly someone very close to Trump.

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