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Trump Just Had a Meltdown That Reveals Just How Far Off The Deep End He’s Gone

I think it’s safe to say at this point – and I’m sure most would agree – that something is wrong with Donald Trump’s cognitive function….and that’s not just an opinion, as countless psychologists across the country agree. The man is not well.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump currently occupies the Oval Office as we sit idly by as spectators, watching his mind seemingly deteriorate by the day.

The latest example? When he took to Twitter – go figure – and wildly misquoted his favorite propaganda outlet with the following:

You see, that would be perfectly fine if Fox News had really said that. Thankfully, Brian Stelter from CNN stepped in to set the record straight. Instead, a Fox News commentator said this:

Now, I don’t claim to be the smartest individual, but if I’m reading that correctly, the error and the irony is very evident. What better way to misquote something regarding the omission and distortion of key facts by omitting and distorting them?

While it’s easy to laugh this off, it does raise several questions as to why our fearless leader would do such a thing. Was it an honest mistake? Did he really not realize he had it wrong when he left out some very critical words? Is it possible he’s so narcissistic that he knew what he was saying was wrong, but thought he could get away with it? Or has he just completely lost his mind?

It’s bad enough that Donald Trump actually passes time watching the unfair, unbalanced Fox News salivate when talking about him, but now he’s going out of his way to misquote the network and credit it for his misquote? What a time to be alive.

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