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Opinion: Trump Just Made Mueller’s Job Much Easier with a Blackmail Money Trail

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is holding back details regarding his investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal, but it doesn’t take much to realize he has all the power. He has several cooperating witnesses and plea deals, a ton of evidence and the fact that Trump incriminates himself more on a regular basis with his Twitter account.

Robert Mueller has a huge task ahead of him as he takes on the most insane conspiracy of all time, but things just got even a lot easier for him thanks easier for him

Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen “allegedly” paid adult film actress Stormy Daniels $130,000 during the election to keep quiet about their affair. This was paid out in a way that is now being called a violation of campaign finance laws.

A criminal complaint has now been filed against Trump by a group called Common Cause, which doesn’t look good for Trump, because this is how sex scandals begin to get extremely ugly for those involved.

This isn’t just a juicy gossip story of a famous person’s marriage falling apart. This is a full-blown scandal. This criminal complaint will expose how Trump and his attorney have been laundering money for blackmail purposes for a long time, “allegedly” of course.

Congressman Ted Lieu’s tweet earlier this week laid it out there plain and simple:

“Appears Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen flatly lied when confronted with the $130k hush money payment. That he so easily tells lies begs the question of what he may have lied about to Congressional investigators & Mueller regarding Trump-Russia.”

Mueller can now take this intel and go back over all of his previous testimonies and figure out just how this blackmail payments system applies to the Trump-Russia scandal.

If Cohen or anyone else has lied to Mueller about these types of payments, Mueller can now go back and charge them with lying to a federal investigator to force them to cooperate.

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