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Trump Just PROVED To America He’d Be The MOST DANGEROUS President in History!

It seems like every day Donald Trump finds a new way to offend/alienate people or just to make new enemies, seemingly just for the hell of it. Trump seems to reach new levels of arrogance and delusion with every new controversy he creates now. Do you really want to make enemies out the U.S. Intelligence Agencies when seeking the highest office in the land?

On Wednesday, just hours before Trump was to receive his first intelligence briefing (there are just too many jokes to make about this), Trump went on Fox News and bashed the U.S. intelligence agencies.

When asked if he trusted U.S. intelligence, Trump said that he did not, because it has been “catastrophic.” He even stated that he was bringing along noted conspiracy theorist Lt. Michael Flynn to the meetings because of his immense mistrust of the intelligence briefings he was about to receive.  Which, according to the politcususa report, suggests that Trump “doesn’t understand the role of intelligence gathering or the office which he seeks.”

Listen to what Trump said here…

It has long been apparent that Trump does not understand the role of the office which he seeks, but it’s nice that the rest of the world may finally be coming to that realization as well.

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