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Trump Now Attacking FBI Agents by Name in Latest Public Meltdown

Popular vote loser Donald Trump is not discriminatory when it comes to who he attacks in his ridiculous Twitter attacks. Usually it’s the news media (which led to a Michigan man’s arrest for threatening to violently murder “fake news” employees at CNN), or political opponents, or the NFL, or take your pick because the list goes on and on and on.

Trump’s latest attack was a late night rant against the FBI. This time, though, it’s not the FBI as whole Trump is going after, but individual FBI employees.

Last month in an irregular partisan move, the Justice Department leaked text messages from an FBI agent. Counterintelligence Section Chief Peter Strzok actually had a low opinion of both Trump and Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections, but Republicans of course seized on his disparaging remarks about Trump to pitch a fake narrative of partisan bias against Trump from the FBI.

Earlier his week, the FBI admitted that some of Strzok’s text messages from late last year up through the spring, have been lost due to a technical glitch in rolling out secure Samsung Galaxy 5 smartphones, which prompted the President to send out this tweet:

As per the norm for Trump, facts don’t matter. Trump will continue to push a false narrative to his diminishing online support.

Trump’s claim that 50,000 messages are missing has no factual support and the Justice Department  hasn’t figured out what happened yet either or if the messages can be retrieved, as Jeff Sessions explained publicly.

Vox reports:

The official explanation from the Justice Department is that there was a problem with Strzok and Page’s bureau-issued Samsung Galaxies — that “firmware upgrades” and other technical issues deleted records of texts sent from many phones across the bureau. But Trump and his allies didn’t buy it and have waged a furious campaign in the media to declare the missing texts as proof of an FBI conspiracy.

There is no evidence to support such a wild claim. Whether there actually was a software glitch is easily verifiable; according to a Monday statement from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Inspector General’s office is already investigating the issue.

Of course, some of Trump’s supporters – like a Republican Senator and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange – immediately began framing this as an Obama Deep-State cover up, spreading crazy conspiracy theories to defend their orange leader.

So much for the party of law and order, right? They’ll consistently defend Trump’s baseless attacks and discredit the FBI regardless of how the facts of the issue prove otherwise.

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