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Trump Now Has Hope Hicks Problem with a Massive Money Trail Attached

On Monday, news broke that Donald Trump’s allies in the Republican National Committee have managed to funnel nearly half a million dollars to Trout Cacheris & Janis, the law firm representing Hope Hicks in the on-going Trump-Russia probe.

The optics of the development looks like the RNC (and Trump) has used the power of money to make sure Hicks’ legal bills are being taken care of, while hoping it will persuade her to refrain from cutting a plea deal against Trump or anyone else involved.

However, unfortunately for Hicks, the money isn’t going to solve all of her problems, as it’s very likely that she could be starring serious criminal charges right in the face.

While Hope Hicks is widely believed to be a mere witness in the investigation, she may in fact be a lot more than that. According to the testimony of Trump’s former legal team spokesman, Mark Corallo, he overheard Hicks promising to bury the email evidence against Donald Trump Jr. If Corallo’s claims are true and can be corroborated by other witnesses or evidence, Hicks will find herself on the hook for felony obstruction of justice, which comes with a multi-year prison sentence once a multi-year trial is said and done.

Based on the amount of alleged hush money involved, it’s clear that Hicks’ lawyers come at a high price. Typically, these kinds of attorneys will focus on weakening the case by getting pieces of it dismissed on technicalities. The only problem with that is that doesn’t always work out.  Just ask Paul Manafort. His attorneys came at a high price as well, yet they’ve come up empty with nearly every thing they’ve tried.

Also, and perhaps more importantly, if eyewitnesses and their testimonies are backed up by some form of evidence, it doesn’t tend to bode well for the individuals being tried. Therefore, unless Corallo’s story doesn’t hold up, Hicks and her attorneys have an extremely difficult task ahead of them.

Nevertheless, with the money trail now discovered and likely cut off, one thing worth keeping an eye on will be whether or not Donald Trump decides to pardon her in order to keep her from cutting a plea deal. However, considering he has yet to do so for any of his former advisers, I would dare say the odds are not in her favor. More than likely, Hope Hicks is now alone on an island, and her demise may be just around the corner.

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