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Trump Now Has Mafia-Like Agents in Congress, “Criminally Obstructing a Federal Criminal Investigation”, Says Legal Expert

Popular vote loser Donald Trump is becoming a real pro at this whole obstruction of justice thing.  Now, he has a quartet of junior congressmen he calls his “warriors” who are aggressively pushing back against the Russia investigation on his behalf.  The White House is essentially operating in a mafia-like manner and these congressmen are Trump’s “legal henchmen” of sorts.

Seth Abramson points out:

Trump’s crew of Republicans are comprised of key “warriors” Trump singled out by name a few days ago, which enjoy having direct lines to the White House and flights on Air Force One.

“Look, we have some absolute warriors,” said on Fox News on April 26 after being asked about his relationship with Congress,”Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows and Matt Gaetz and [Ron] DeSantis.”

Politico points out, “Their emergence underscores a reality of the Trump era: power and prominence on Capitol Hill these days often flow not to the most senior lawmakers but to Republicans who display allegiance to a president who prizes loyalty. None of the four holds a powerful committee chairmanship, but they have something just as important: regular airtime on Fox News. And their pressure campaign against the Justice Department and FBI has put Mueller’s boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on the defensive.”

This is really uncharted territory for American politics.  Are we going to let the GOP and Trump’s regime complete the eroding of our democracy, or will justice prevail and put an end to it all?


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