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Trump now losing his conservatives to Nancy Pelosi: “For fans of divided government and checks and balances, this was a very good day.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just shut down Donald Trump this week when she postponed his State of the Union address until after the government shutdown is over. Even some of the most conservative Americans backed her decision.

Conservative commentator Matt Lewis, from the Daily Beast, applauded her efforts and thanked her for showing the president that there are three branches of the government and how that balances out power.

Lewis wrote “For a minute there, it looked like Donald Trump was going to bigfoot his way back into the State of the Union.” He also noted that Trump gave up pretty easily once he realized his hands were tied.

He continued “Like the border wall, this State of the Union fight is largely symbolic […] Trump operates within a very primal worldview. Had Pelosi allowed him to establish dominance—even over what some might consider a trivial matter—it would have demonstrated weakness (on her part) and ultimately invited future provocations.”

Lewis praised Pelosi for having the moxie to go head to head with Trump. “For those who care about institutions, Pelosi’s stance was a welcome development—a rare example of Congress (or Pelosi, at least) exerting its authority as a co-equal branch of government. This is not the first time Congress has defied this president, but it is the most public rebuke thus far.”

Republicans seem to have forgotten about how the three branches of the goverment balance each other out. “Heretofore, Congress has either acquiesced to the president or quietly worked to undermine him. In other words, while Republicans were in charge, they either gave him a public win, or they let things quietly go away (with the exception of health-care reform, when John McCain stuck it to him),” Lewis said.

Pelosi has now taken on the role as leader of the opposition and Americans are finally seeing the executive branch can’t run everything. Lewis concluded “For fans of divided government and checks and balances, this was a very good day.”

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